Thursday, September 2, 2010

Answer to interview question for Relate Magazine

What advice would you give teenage girls?
That is a great question. The children are our future and being a teenage girl once and having two teenage daughters currently, I am aware at what a huge transition time it is. What I mean by transition time is it is when a girl grows into herself and emerges from being a silk worm (then the cocoon) into a butterfly. My advice to all teenage girls is to be yourself, find your passions, explore all of your interests, don't cave to peer pressure, accept yourself for your unique personality and to be persistent with your dreams and goals. The person I am today is a direct result of the person I was beginning to become in high school (I started peer counseling, because my school didn't offer it and a wonderful teacher of mine agreed to facilitate, I also wrote for the school newspaper, which was not only fun and engaging but also educational, I learned how others viewed the world, my parents also allowed me to go to Europe for the summer of my Sophomore year, this too shaped my understanding of the world and gave me compassion for others). Often times, the school environment or even the home environment isn't the right match for a teenage girl. Seek out friends, peers, and adults you can trust that uplift your own unique spirit. Switch schools if the environment doesn't fit for you, even if it is more of a sacrifice for your parents or yourself, it is worth becoming the best you can be, but if you are in an environment that negatively affects your self worth, you must stand firm and stand up for yourself, no one will do it for you!