Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Barnes and Noble Twilight Trivia Event

When: Saturday, April the 11th at 6pm
Come join in the fun as Gina Meyers, author of Love At First Bite, does a fun Twilight Trivia contest for prizes!

Barnes & Noble Booksellers Bay Street - Emeryville

Bay Street-Emeryville
5604 Bay Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
(510) 547-0905

Fellow Cooking Examiner from San Diego loves Cookbook!

“Gina this is brilliant! I have a teen daughter who needs a boost like this to get her nose out of her books and into the kitchen. The Twilight books have been an extra appendange attached to her hand since their first release. I can’t wait to buy this book!”-Laurie M. Vengoechea, San Diego Cooking Examiner, http://foodnewsandreviews.blogspot.com

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Take Me Out to a Ball Game Nutty Cluster Cookies

Fun Fact: Today is World Baseball Classic Finals Day, one of the most amazing scenes from the Twilight movie is when the Cullen Clan take Bella out in a rainstorm for "America's Favorite Past time, Baseball, of course. Here is a recipe for the humans, Take Me Out to a Ball Game Nutty Cluster Cookies. Just make sure there are no vampires around to smell this nutty creation, they might just want to convert.

Take Me Out to a Ball Game Nutty Cluster Cookies
4 squares of chocolate, divided
1 cup of granulated sugar
½ cup plus 2 Tablespoons of butter or margarine
1 egg
1/3 cup of buttermilk
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 ¾ cup of flour
½ teaspoon of baking soda
1 cup of mixed salted nuts, chopped
2 cups of powdered sugar
2 to 3 Tablespoons of water
Directions: Place granulated sugar, ½ cup of butter or margarine in a large bowl and blend until smooth, with an electric mixture. Next beat in the melted chocolate, gg, buttermilk and vanilla extract, then stir in the flour and baking soda until blended, then add the nuts. Drop teaspoonfuls of dough 2 inches apart onto a cookie sheet. Bake in a 400 degree oven for 8 to 10 minutes, quickly transferring to a wire rack to cool. The icing is made from the remaining 2 squares of chocolate and 2 Tablespoons of butter in a saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly until melted. Add the powdered sugar and water to the melted chocolate and top cookies with chocolate frosting.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Photos of Gina Meyers at Twilight DVD Party Borders Santana Row

The DVD Twilight Midnight Release Party Awesome

A special thanks to the Borders on Santana Row in San Jose, California for hosting a truly Twilightful event. What a wonderful experience to be a part of the Twilight Festivities. April, Amanda, and Dan all put on a fun Twilight party, treating the crowd to a round of Baseball. The group of over 50 participants was divided into two groups, with very tough trivia questions with the answers being either 1) from the book, or 2)from the movie. The Twilight fan club really couldn't be stumped. We were treated to snacks of banana chocolate chip muffin samples, ghiradelli chocolate, and winners of the raffle received a 5x7 photo of various scenes from the Twilight movie. After a brief intermission, I hosted an easy Twilight trivia contest, from my book, Love AT First Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook. I also read the introduction from the book and called on the audience for the answers to the trivia questions. The earlier contest was geared to a more sophisticated teen to adult crowd, meaning the trivia was tough. My questions helped the younger crowd to feel a part of the festivities. Including Jacob, a seven year old who wanted me to guess him name. I guessed Edward, sorry Jacob! We watched a very brief "hello" from the stars of the Twilight movie. After the contests (there was a planned Scavenger hunt that I will post,(I have the coveted hunt question, yippie that there wasn't time for), I was available for photos, autographs, and questions about the recipes found in Love At First Bite. The Borders Event took place close to the cafe upstairs and downstairs was even more packed by midnight with more Twilighters coming to just purchase the DVD. Borders handed out tickets and called numbers. Over 150 people were downstairs picking up any and all Twilight merchandise including Sweatheart Twilight Candy, posters, my cookbook, and of course, what we all came for, the Twilight on DVD. Me and my daughter Lauren left at about 12:30am, without a Twilight DVD, but it was very nice to see the younger girls, age 8 first in line for the DVD, as it was a late fun night and wonderful experience. A special shout out to Virgina, how wore a tee shirt emblazoned with, "Twilight Mom" and all the sweet teenagers who have so many wonderful suggestions, ideas, and things going on in their lives. Thanks for making this author feel like a Star! Oh, and the crowd thought it was very cute my last name being Meyers. "Hey, is your sis Stephenie Meyer they shouted?"

More Twilight Recipes at my Examiner Cooking Page


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Twilight Novel Novice Website


Something for everyone at this above website.

Love At First Bite, Right on Target!

Like Stephenie Meyer, me, Gina Meyers had a dream. My dream wasn't about Edward and Bella, though I wish it were. I had a dream that I was on a water slide and boy was it fun! I looked up my dream since that is what I do, my research orientated, analytical mind that I have. To dream of water/waterfall foretells that you will secure your wildest desire, and fortune will be exceedingly favorable to your progress. This morning I saw that Love At First Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook is available at www.target.com. That in and of itself is a dream come true. Please help this self published author to realize her dreams and preorder, Love At First Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook today. Available through www.amazon.com, www.target.com, my paypal account, and www.iuniverse.com

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love At First Bite, Unofficial Twilight Cookbook, buy today!

Twilight Quiz, from Love At First Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook

Easy Twilight Trivia
1. What is Bella’s first name?
A. Isabella
B. Bellina
C. Alexandra

2. Name Bella’s dad?
A. Henry
B. Phil
C. Charlie

3. What is their last name?
A. Duck
B. Swan
C. Goose

4. What does Bella’s dad do for a living?
A. He is a commercial fisherman
B. He is a fireman
C. He is a police chief

5. Name the town Bella’s dad resides?
A. Seattle, Washington
B. Forks, Washington
C. Spoons, Nevada

6. Bella’s car is a red
A. Old Chevy truck
C. Toyota Tundra

7. Bella recently left what town to be closer to her dad?
A. Phoenix, Arizona
B. Dallas, Texas
C. Tuscon, Arizona

8. Bella’s dad lives in a:
A. Small town
B. Big city
C. The suburbs

9. Edward is a cute guy, who happens to be?
A. A werewolf
B. A vampire
C. A warlock

10. The Cullen clan, calls themselves?
A. Vegetarians
B. Carnivores
C. Typical Vampires, “I want to suck your blood.”

Answers: 1) A; 2. C; 3) B; 4) C; 5) B; 6) A; 7) A; 8) A; 9) B; 10) A

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Twilight Party Planning Guide

Party Planning Guide
Pick a Scene from the Twilight movie. Chose your favorite moment: the baseball scene, perhaps the Prom scene, maybe Bella meeting the Cullens for the first time.
Decorate doorways, the birthday room, the front door, the kitchen, even outside if your party will be outdoors. Decorate with streamers, Twilight posters and colorful balloons. You may chose a cake recipe from Take A Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook, order a specialty theme cake or seek ideas from websites on how to create your own memorable cake.

Twilight Party Checklist
Invitations (e-cards or regular card invitations)
Gift wrap (solid black, or red wrapping paper)
Thank you notes
Colored Ribbon to go with the theme
Name tags
Cups, utensils (just forks, might be a cute idea), and plates
Hats (baseball caps if you are choosing the baseball scene for your party)
Balloons and a Helium Tank
Mylar Balloons (Apple mylars)
Centerpieces (such as a bowl of apples)
Party Favors
Banners and Wall decorations
Twilight DVD
Twilight Music and Clare De Lune
Craft paper
Crayons, paints, markers
Cake and goodies
Main Course
Camera and batteries
Countdown to your Twilight Party
4 Weeks before the party
Select the day, time, and location
Chose the specific scene for your Twilight Theme
Make a guest list (gather email addresses)
Schedule a bounce house (if desiring one)
2-3 weeks
Send out invitations
Plan for the activities, decorations, and food
1 week prior to your Twilight Party
Shop for decorations, favors, supplies, and presents
Purchase a helium tank, order cake
If making a piñata, start now
3-5 days before party
Email friends to get a head count
Confirm location, pay any deposits, fill piñata with candy/packaged fruit snacks or mini presents
2 Days before party
Decorate party areas
Day of party
Prepare punch
Pick up cake/or finish decorating cake
Pick up Mylar balloons or fill your own balloons
Prepare food

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Twilight DVD Release Party Checklist & Recipes

Twilight, the movie, is coming out on DVD on Friday, March the 20th, 2009. In celebration of this twilighting event, Borders bookstores throughout the United States will be having trivia contests, fun facts about Twilight, and more. (I will be participating in the festivities at the Santa Row Borders in San Jose, Ca.


Here is a quick reminder checklist for the DVD release party!

-Bring a coat or jacket (in case you have to wait outside)
-Don't forget your cell phone and camera (extra batteries perhaps)
-Borders discount card/credit or debit card
-Make sure your living room is decorated for your Twilight DVD party
-Go to the grocery store, prior to the release party, so you have snacks for your party.
-Download the E-Book, Love At First Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook for Bell's Lasagna, Harry's Famous Fish Fry, Candied Apple and other FANtwilight Treats. ISBN: 9781440128370 E-Book $6.00

A Snack to Serve your friends, excerpt from Love At First Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook: Too Hot to Handle Popcorn and Port Angeles Snack Attack.
Too Hot to Handle
8 quarts of plain popped popcorn
1 cup butter or margarine
½ cup light corn syrup
1 package of red-hot candies.

Directions: Place popcorn in a large bowl and set aside. In a saucepan, combine butter, corn syrup and red hot candies, bring to a boil over medium heat stirring constantly. Pour the mixture over the popcorn and mix thoroughly. Place popcorn mixture onto a baking pan and bake at 250 degrees for 50 minutes. To cool, remove from the pan and place on waxed paper.

Port Angeles Snack Attack
2 7-inch flour tortillas
2 Tablespoons strawberry cream cheese
¼ cup of raisins
¼ cup of dried cranberries
1 cup finely chopped green apples
1 teaspoon sugar and cinnamon combined

Directions: Finely chop apples and place them in a medium sized bowl. Add cranberries, raisins, and sugar cinnamon mixture and stir. Then, fry the tortilla with one tablespoon of margarine in a skillet till crisp. Place tortilla on a paper towel to take off excess margarine and to cool. Once cooled, spread cream cheese and top with apple concoction.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love at First Bite Cookbook Press Release


Love at First Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook

By, Gina Meyers, copyright 2009

Author may be contacted via email at ginammeyers@gmail.com
or cell (559) 940-4572. (cover design and photo by, David Lawrence Meyers)

The international phenomenon known as Twilight fever has ignited a fire in the kitchen. Delectable delights to satisfy the appetites of the humans found in the fictional book Twilight. Love at First Bite, the Unofficial Twilight Cookbook is meant to offer a satisfying array of warm, lovely dishes that anyone of any age can cook with ease and enjoyment.
Whether you are planning a Twilight-Themed Birthday Party, just a simple get together with friends, a Halloween party, or just what to try your creative hand to some culinary delights you are in luck. Filled with forbidden love, action, and danger, brace yourselves, and bring your very best table manners, and appetites. Don’t forget your forks. Beautiful Bella Swan will be serving up some scrumptious delights to satisfy even the pickiest, puritan “vegetarian” vampires. Intertwined in the pages of Love At First Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook, you will find Bell’s Lasagna, Harry’s Famous Fish Fry, Mushroom Raviolis, Red Velvet Cake, Blushing Bella Punch, and much more. Dinner is served ala Bella style.

Sample recipe from chapter entitled: Vampire, Forks, and Knives (MainDishes)
Charlie’s Catch of the day Crab Cakes

1 Egg

3 Tablespoons of mayonnaise

4 teaspoons of lemon juice

1/8 teaspoon of red pepper flakes

1 teaspoon of dried tarragon

1 Tablespoon of minced green onions

8 ounces of crabmeat

1 Tablespoon of butter

Round crackers, broken up into cracker crumbs

Directions: In a medium bowl, whisk together the egg, mayonnaise, lemon juice, red pepper flakes, tarragon, and green onions. Gently stir in the crabmeat, and mix in cracker crumbs, adding as much as desired. Next, melt butter in a skillet over medium heat. Form crab patties and place in the skillet brown both sides until the patties are golden brown. Depending upon the size of the patties, makes about four crab cakes.

Sample recipe from chapter entitled: Bite At Twilight (Desserts)

Werewolf Chow

9 cups of Chex Cereal, Rice

¼ cup of butter or margarine

1 cup of chocolate chips, semisweet

Or a combination of ½ cup of chocolate chips and ½ cup of peanut butter chips

½ cup of smooth peanut butter, not crunchy

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 ½ cups of powdered sugar

Directions: In a large zip lock bag place the cereal. Next, microwave the chocolate chips, peanut butter and butter or margarine for about one minute. If the mixture hasn’t melted, stir and place in microwave another 20-30 seconds. Once melted, stir in the vanilla extract. Pour the chocolate chip peanut butter mixture over the chex cereal and add the powdered sugar and shake. You may place mixture on waxed paper to spread the mixture out for cooling purposes. Place in a bowl, such as a brand new dog bowl. May add a sugar cookie bone shaped cookie to top of werewolf chow.

Sample Recipe from chapter entitled: Love At First Sip (beverages)

Edward’s Thirst Quencher

3 Large Ripe Peaches

3 Large Lemons

3 Large Oranges

1 Cup of Sugar

3 Cups of Strawberries

3 Cups of Raspberries

1 Two Liter Bottle of Ginger Ale, cold and chilled

Some ice cubes

15 to 20 Strawberries

Directions: Peel and section the lemons, and oranges and remove the peach skins and pits, and cut them into thin slices. Next, place the peaches, lemons, oranges, and sugar into a blender. Pour into a punch bowl, add ginger ale and ice cubes. Float strawberries and orange slices on top of Edward’s Thirst Quencher.

About the Author

Gina Meyers has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business/emphasis in Marketing from California State University, Fresno as well as her emergency teaching credential. From an early age, Gina has had a passion for the culinary arts, experimenting in the kitchen, baking breads, muffins, cookies, and cakes. She mastered pizza dough from scratch at age twelve, but flopped when she tried making fortune cookies. From 1997 to 2004, she taught a plethora of entertaining and fun cooking classes for kids from “Easy Meals in Minutes” to “Storybook Cooking and Crafts”, green eggs and ham anyone? She is in her 13th year of teaching Summer Fun classes for children and teens, focusing her energies on the French foreign language.

Her love of cooking has rubbed off on her three children Makenna, Lauren, and Lucas. She is married to David, a graphic designer and they reside in Central California. This is Gina’s fourth book. Her first three titles are about the ever-enchanting, nineteen-sixties sitcom Bewitched, which have sold over 2,500 copies to date. Her daughters’ excitement and interest in the Twilight novel series were the inspiration for Love at First Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook. Besides being a freelance writer, Gina also has moonlighted as a researcher for Google, Inc.