Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Twilight Party Planning Guide

Party Planning Guide
Pick a Scene from the Twilight movie. Chose your favorite moment: the baseball scene, perhaps the Prom scene, maybe Bella meeting the Cullens for the first time.
Decorate doorways, the birthday room, the front door, the kitchen, even outside if your party will be outdoors. Decorate with streamers, Twilight posters and colorful balloons. You may chose a cake recipe from Take A Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook, order a specialty theme cake or seek ideas from websites on how to create your own memorable cake.

Twilight Party Checklist
Invitations (e-cards or regular card invitations)
Gift wrap (solid black, or red wrapping paper)
Thank you notes
Colored Ribbon to go with the theme
Name tags
Cups, utensils (just forks, might be a cute idea), and plates
Hats (baseball caps if you are choosing the baseball scene for your party)
Balloons and a Helium Tank
Mylar Balloons (Apple mylars)
Centerpieces (such as a bowl of apples)
Party Favors
Banners and Wall decorations
Twilight DVD
Twilight Music and Clare De Lune
Craft paper
Crayons, paints, markers
Cake and goodies
Main Course
Camera and batteries
Countdown to your Twilight Party
4 Weeks before the party
Select the day, time, and location
Chose the specific scene for your Twilight Theme
Make a guest list (gather email addresses)
Schedule a bounce house (if desiring one)
2-3 weeks
Send out invitations
Plan for the activities, decorations, and food
1 week prior to your Twilight Party
Shop for decorations, favors, supplies, and presents
Purchase a helium tank, order cake
If making a piñata, start now
3-5 days before party
Email friends to get a head count
Confirm location, pay any deposits, fill piñata with candy/packaged fruit snacks or mini presents
2 Days before party
Decorate party areas
Day of party
Prepare punch
Pick up cake/or finish decorating cake
Pick up Mylar balloons or fill your own balloons
Prepare food