Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Question from LA Weekly Magazine: Are the recipes geared toward teenage girls?

3. Are the recipes geared towards teenage girls?
I have a three Fork designation, one fork recipes are very easy recipes that anyone can cook with ease and enjoyment, two fork recipes are slightly more difficult and the three fork recipes are the hardest. I used the Fork designation as a play on words, since Stephenie Meyer uses the town of Forks, Washington as a backdrop in her book series. Also, Stephenie initially named her manuscript Forks, as opposed to Twilight. Teenagers enjoy cooking from LAFB because there are easy instructions and directions. Like Stephenie, she wrote Twilight because of a dream, and didn’t have a particular audience she was writing for. I enjoy cooking and have taught cooking classes for children as well as adults. So my goal is to reignite the spark of passion for cooking in the kitchen, to bring people of all ages back into the kitchen enjoying one another’s company through unique themed recipes.