Monday, June 7, 2010

Twilight Teen and Author Siobhan Marsh

Hi, I really enjoyed talking with you at Borders. I already read both your books, and can't wait to make the squash and tomato parmesan as soon as our backyard garden matures! I also appreciated that you had a vegetarian version of the enchiladas. (real vegetarian, not Cullen vegetarian, lol)
I was telling you a bit about how I'm an aspiring writer, too. My first real job is adapting a children's book into a play. I think the hardest part is that it's a Christmas book, and I'm writing it over the summer. Of course, I was thrilled to be approached by the author, and I'm grateful for the work.
Other than that, I've been writing screenplays. This August, I'm going to the Willamette Writer's Conference in Portland, Oregon, where I'll be pitching my work.
Do you have any advice for someone like me, who's just starting out as a writer? I'd appreciate any knowledge you have to share!
Siobhan Marsh