Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Love at First Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook press release

Whether you’re ‘Team Edward’ or ‘Team Jacob,’ a Twi-hard, Twi-mom or even a Twi-dad, there is no doubt the international phenomenon known as Twilight has had a ignited a spark of excitement in our kitchens and has had a cultural impact on society. Now the delectable delights interwoven throughout the Twilight saga can be found in pop culture writer and cook Gina Meyers’ new book, Love at First Bite, guaranteed to please the appetites of any mortal.
Love at First Bite,  offers a satisfying array of mouth-watering dishes inspired by or from the Twilight films and books, that anyone of any age can cook with ease and enjoyment. To help the reader determine the skill level involved in preparing each dish, the recipes are labeled “easy”, “medium”, or “hard”.  One fork means “easy”, two forks, “medium”, and three forks means it is a “difficult” or “hard” recipe.

In the pages of Love at First Bite, you will find delicious dishes straight out of the book’s pages including:

·        Werewolf Chow
·        Twilight Tribute Punch (as seen on the popular late night Alan Carr, Chatty Man Show)
·        Edward Cullen’s Cornflake Chicken (as mentioned on the NBC hit show, The Office)
·        Love at First Bite Red Velvet Cake
·        Mushroom Ravioli (as printed in numerous publications including The Salt Lake Tribune, The Calgary Herald, American Cheerleader Magazine)
·        Eclipse Punch (as demonstrated on Fox 26 and NBC morning show Central Valley Today)
·        Jacob Black’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich
·        Steak and Potatoes (as heard on national radio show, Mancow Muller)
·        And so much more!

In addition to the recipes, you’ll also find:

·        Cast lists for Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse
·        A Twilight Party Planning Checklist
·        Bella’s Prom Planner
·        101 Random Bits and Pieces of Twilight Saga
·        Invaluable resources on the international Twilight cooking classes tour, 2010-2011.

·        And much more!